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Arbitrary Binaries on AWS Lambda

less than 1 minute read

Since the beginning of AWS Lambda, developers could launch a child process to execute any arbitrary binary on Linux. The release of the “go1.x” runtime for A...

Calibrate SF 2017

4 minute read

Last month, I attended, a small single-day conference for new software engineering managers, held in San Francisco. I say “a small conference...

Go parallelize your tests

less than 1 minute read

As a note to the reader, all my code examples use ‘tip’ for the Go runtime. go version devel +006bc57095 Sun Oct 22 15:50:50 2017 +0000 darwin/amd64

HackerRank for Work

3 minute read

HackerRank for Work is a paid service that can screen software development candidates. While some people might be familiar with the free HackerRank programmi...